Tadalafil 5mg: The Drug’s Availability Is Questionable 

Tadalafil 5mg

Brand: Vikalis VX 5

Active Ingredient: Tadalafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Shree Venkatesh International Limited

Country of Manufacture: India

Tadalafil 5mg (Vikalis VX 5) Package Image

Review and Description

Tadalafil 5mg or Vikalis VX 5 is the generic variant of the brand Cialis. Cialis is known as being a drug used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) and it contains the ingredient Tadalafil which is found in the generic version Vikalis VX 5. When one takes the 20mg pill, the erection can last for up to 36 hours if sexually stimulated. The drug works by targeting your blood vessels. A steady blood flow to the penis contributes to erections. Unlike the regular version, the daily drug helps you to achieve sexual satisfaction as long as you are stimulated.

Shree Venkatesh International Limited are the manufacturers of the drug and are based in India. They are ISO 9001:2008 certified and are large exporters of pharmaceutical drugs. The company has been manufacturing and exporting drugs since 2008 to all the world’s continents. Their portfolio consists of a variety of drugs ranging from Antibiotics and Blood Pressure to Weight loss, hair loss and skin care. In Men’s Health, they sell Sextreme, Vikalis, Valetra, Cockfosters, Super Cock, Dapoxy, Suhagra, Tadacip, Caverta, Silagra and Finpecia. All these products are generic and come in different dosages and several variations. The manufacturer appears to have two websites when searched on the internet. Both websites, list the manufacturer at the same location. However, svmedicines.com, the website that comes up first on the internet search does not have an erectile dysfunction line. The second website, shreevenkatesh.com, has an ED or Men’s Health Care line listed. This was very confusing and it was difficult to ascertain which of the websites was the most legit.

Customer Reviews

There were no reviews available online for Tadalafil 5mg or Vikalis VX 5. That was shocking as we live in a full information age where information is available at the tips of your fingers. When I searched for the brand Vikalis VX 5 online, most of the links I clicked generated a 404 error, notifying that the page was not found. The product was only found on the seller’s second website and on generic-meds-store.com. Neither site allowed for customer reviews.

The lack of reviews made me question the authenticity, existence and availability of this product. Did anyone actually ever buy this product? It’s a generic variant of Cialis and generics usually have high sales volumes because they are cheaper than the branded versions. How is it that no one has reviewed the product? It could be possible that the product does not exist or it is a scam waiting for unsuspecting customers.

Pricing and Dosage

Compared to the branded version, the generics are sold for €1.51 per pill. Usually, the price per unit is reduced when the quantity is increased but that was not observed on this website.

image1 1 Source: http://www.generic-meds-store.com/index.php/gms_en/buy-cheap-cialis-online-1/generic-cialis-oral-jelly-5-mg-cialis-daily.html

On other sites, the price per pill was as little as €1.38 for over 100 pills. The tablet is taken daily in dosages of 5mg. Other variations include the 20mg which becomes effective after 1 hour. This one lasts for 36 hours but the 5mg one taken daily works once the patient is sexually stimulated. The pills are to be taken with water. It is advised also that the pills are not taken with alcohol or foods that are rich in fat.

How to Buy Tadalafil 5mg Online

Tadalafil 5mg or Vikalis VX 5 is not readily available online and can be ordered from the manufacturer’s website. This brand is not available in the US and is not shipped to the country either. Other variations of the brand Cialis can be used. The cost varies from $3.54 per pill ordered in quantities of 10 to $1.12 per pill for quantities above 300. Shipping is not free and can cost as little as $9.95 or as much as $19.95. You can order from any of the websites below.



How to Use

How you take Tadalafil 5mg would depend on which variant you take. Either way, do not exceed 20mgs a day for your own safety. The 5mg dosage is to be taken daily for best results. The 20mg dose, however, is to be taken at least an hour before intended sexual activity. Both dosages should be taken with water. Drinking alcohol is strongly not recommended if you want this product to work effectively. Anyone with serious medical conditions (heart disease, hypertension or stroke) intending to take this product should consult their doctor as it is not suited for everyone.

Side Effects

Tadalafil 5mg is not without side effects. Most uncommon side effects include distortion of the vision and sensitivity to light. Serious side effects may include long-lasting erections, impaired vision and hearing. Contact your doctor if any of these occur although it could be that your body is not yet accustomed to the drug. Other common side effects including headaches and dry eyes can be treated by hydration.

Conclusion with Rating

Tadalafil 5mg or Vikalis VX 5, used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, may or may not actually exist and could very well be a fraud product. There were no customer reviews so it is difficult to ascertain if anyone ever used the drug and what the side effects were. I would have liked to see that information but it was unavailable so the only thing I could do was assume the worst of the drug. It was difficult to find on the internet but the 20mg dosage was more popular.

As for the manufacturer, I was confused by the two websites. It was hard to ascertain which was real and which was fake. Maybe they are being copied, who knows? There were also no reviews of the manufacturer, this was again strange for a company claiming to export to all continents. If they were legit at least they held certifications from the ISO. I rated generic Tadalafil 5mg (Vikalis VX 5) 1 out of 5 stars because a lot of things didn’t make sense to me. If you are brave enough to order this product from a questionable manufacturer, please consult with your doctor before using it to avoid serious future health complications.

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